Why post your property with us

  • Verified

    We place verified tenants to the property as a part of our process. We make sure the tenants are screened and placed according to will of the owner.
  • On-time rent

    We do not delay on transferring the monthly rent, at all. We believe in time-to-time and upto-date finance transfers, be it the owner or the tenant.
  • No brokerage

    We have a policy of “charge no-brokerage” either to the owner or the tenant.
  • Track monthly rental

    Monthly rentals can be tracked with the help of the owner listings on Rentrupee.com
  • Well maintained houses

    The houses are taken care of by the company. All the repairs services are provided by Rentrupee.com

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Frquently Asked Questions

This is a special feature from Rentrupee. Depending on the tenants selected packages, the owner will receive either of the following percentage amounts from the 6 months of deposit given by the tenants i.e. 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. From the remaining deposit a certain percentage on the remaining deposit that the company takes will be given to the owner. The amount of percentage varies as follows: 1%, 1.5%, 2%, and 3%. The mentioned percentage will be provided on monthly basis along with the rent depending on the percentage of deposit agreed and mainly the tenant package.

Rentrupee.com is a property management company and we will be maintaining the property from the day the agreement is created on behalf of the owner. We have a designated repairs and maintenance team that will take care of the maintenance. Most importantly, it is very necessary to us that the habitat should not face any issues after being shifted to the adobe. The expenses have to be borne by the tenant, the company will only provide the service.

Rentrupee.com is a property management portal run by “Avium Technologies Pvt Ltd”. The agreement that we create is between the owner and the company i.e. “Avium Technologies Pvt Ltd”. The agreement is screened under a practicing lawyer and the legal matter is handled by him.

Posting the property on Rentrupee portal is an easy task. On the Rentrupee website, go to the owner page and log in with your basic details. Once that’s done, our marketing executive will come visit your property. If the property is according to the agenda then the executive will state all the requirements. After the requirements are fulfilled, agreement will be created. Once the agreement is created, the property is listed on the portal for the world to see.

In case of emergency, the company will provide full support. The case will be taken up personally and will be looked after with regards to the emergency. Not in any other case, the agreement can never be terminated without the consent of the company.

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