About us

RentRupee.com is a property administration organization run by the developing multi-channel E-Commerce platform- Avium Technologies Pvt Ltd. We bargain specifically with forthcoming owners and occupants. We spare your time that you squander commonly stressing over advertising your house rentals, gathering rent, dealing with support and repair issues, reacting to the inhabitant protestations etc. The basic strategy for Rentrupee.com is to target tenants and house owners interested in the rental domain with affordable rental prices in Bangalore region.

Rentrupee focuses on both the tenant and the owner. We provide unique services depending upon the client expectations. The most important objectives are stated below.

  • 1. Home search
  • 2. Property inspection
  • 3. Community or area information
  • 4. Bridging the gap between the owner and tenant
  • 5. Benefitting the owner and the tenant

Who role do we play in making it easy for tenants? Here it is!


We let you find houses according to your choices. Fully organized Information is available with listed amenities and photographs. With the information we provide, tenants can create their own checklists and find the best possible homes.

What benefits Rentrupee provides are absolute unique, starting with



As a start-up, we’re energetic about improving property choices. We offer home searchers and land experts a broad online community where they can find perfect house for rent in Bangalore. As a client you have all possible property points of interest for dynamic property postings. Equipped with a robust search mechanism we likewise keep up a tremendous vault of research on a large group of property related issues ranging from support to facility administration among numerous others.


We follow common ethics and a set of principles. Following are the values we prefer following:

  • 1. Knowledge
  • 2. Customer satisfaction, humanity
  • 3. Result, Trust and gratitude
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